Can a homeless person benefit from just accepting food, and no treatment ?

13938aI think that just giving food to people on the street is simply just not enough to help the situation of the individual to remain off the street. Should we over look the fact of someone who denies any treatment, but will take money or food whenever offered, especially when you want to help the current position of the person. I always thought that really helping people could be “fixing” them, when it really isn’t the case for many of them. From doing local research and outreach, i learned most of them are really just tired of being misused by the NYC shelter system and not willing to keep getting disrespected as a human person and not the image of a worthless bum on the street.

The difference in helping people is just being there for their needs indirectly, showing a caring an helping attitude, no matter what that means. Just simply giving someone a sandwich can make all the difference to them, then a big apartment with all the trimmings. What seems to be a HELL for you, is someones lifestyle, most of these people on the street really do not mind it at all. We misunderstand the position of the person, rather than OUR methods of treatment. We have no idea why a person wants what they do, they just do. we are here to help them in whatever it is they need, cause giving should not be on OUR terms.


Thank you

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