Can the idea of GOD be really understood ?


Can we fully understand the idea of a higher being that created the matter we call our foundation of life and space.

Can you have a sturdy object without a foundation ?

The question is of your own idea of truth, the person would rather accept that logic leads us in to a better understanding on what reality really is.

The hardest part of accepting each other is the misconception of what it would mean to change our thought process  for giving someone else the vanity of the right or wrong title.

People choose to uphold an image of a correct and logical state of mind, you make sure that you are the “correct” one in the situation since it would impress someone or make yourself look good to be a knowledgeable person. It feels uncomfortable to be the person who could be wrong or not look intelligent in front of people. this is called vanity or being vain. With this mindset we separate each other from, coming to a conclusion that states from simple logical determination. Everyone wants to be the correct one with deciding who or what the universe has to offer, but no answers can really be stated as a fact. Faith is what separates us from logic, and it is the “belief” of something unseen that cannot be believed since it goes against all fibers of logical thought. But if we are to find something unnatural or supernatural to human contemplation we have to look outside of the human imagination. The real question is, what can we do to respect each others views without judging each other in order to find better clues. Since the only thing people seem to do in these debates on the creation of “time”, is waste it.


Thank you

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