You, are your own worst enemy…..

Do you love yourself the way you love the objects you harbor ? 

The notion of love is so misunderstood and is rationally impossible to comprehend with thought, since love is not a logical process.

The first thing we do when we say that “I love you” phrase is think of all the conditions on why our love is so strong, someone does something for you, or goes out of their way to give you something useful. The image of love almost always has something behind it for you to see what you love the person for. You may never genuinely love a human for being a person.

Unconditional love might not even exist, right ?

This might not  make sense to someone who cannot realize that possessions or actions cannot define our emotional reasoning with someone. We value the object we possess and complete the cycle of imbalance within the understanding of love. We have become logical creatures by creating a world that only involves everything outside of natural emotion. The emotion we feel is only based on the world’s view of what is important to the average human being.

Some people might love a family member but show it in some particular ways that do not relate to what the image of love represents. This may confuse people as to not only view an action of love as weird, but also misinterpret the feeling that it gives. When love is not as complicated as it seems. When we say we love but do not show it, it does not mean that our meaning of love is not strong, it’s just that we just do not understand its original meaning.

Love has no conditions, we just simply love…..


Thank you

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