Does money own you ?

Does money change you, can you live with a happiness for life that has no content of possessions.
We cannot survive without it, at least we think, we see that money is the main concept when looking at life’s questions.
We consume heavy and waste enormous, people starve and die, but we still throw out millions of pounds of food daily in local restaurants and supermarkets.
You look at the crisis at hand and say there must be a solution to all of this, but no one is really involved with it.
The painful fact is capital gain overcomes the thought of well being of others.
it will not let them be who they were meant to be.
You can almost feel bad for the people with everything in this life but a soul, or sense of satisfaction. They fill a void full of empty relationships and bad choices.
Most people who become homeless are humble and loving creatures, they just do not show it the same as we do, most will not understand them.
If you can take time out to listen to a story or share a can of food over a hot fire in a garbage can, to give a sense of relation.
We can all become a man or woman on a corner in need if assistance, imagine being ignored over and over again.
Asking for just something to eat or feed your family, seems like small things to the ones who have food and clothing in an abundance, but take it all for granted.
Times have led us in to a hopeless society of careers, cars, houses and belongings.
We forgot who we are, we gave up our genuine love for each other.

We forgot our people….

We forgot our real race…


Thank you

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