Finding the YOU, in Yourself………

Can you be held accountable for your actions ?

We all are in need of love and caring for humanity, instead of the constant plea’s for acceptance with the world idea of happiness. The main concept of loving is to be aware that it has no conditions or no barriers. We cannot love ourselves until we find out who we really are, we have to yet find the real person staring at you in the mirror.

You have been told what to become as a person today, your whole life has been   guided and molded. Even if you grew up without a family, whatever taught you the current state of mind you have now has change your interpretation of life itself.

You must find the REAL being you were intended to be without the added software we are programmed with, to find the source code that has a unique and complex origin of truth. You are only loving the things you are told to love, you are only caring when good times permit it. You have no idea of what you can hold as values, when you drop all of the worlds added bits of data just engulfing every sector and in taking this information in, manipulated in to what we hold so deep.

Take a step back, look at everything you value, everything you were taught to love. Find what in these things make you happy, find what you smile when you have them, then imagine life without them. Work out the equation in your head, what would you do ?

How would life be if you could strip it of all we hold dear to us. including family, friends, jobs, houses, bank accounts, TV’s, computers, parties. Then take this image of what this means……..

I would then like to introduce you, to yourself…

I’ll let you too get more acquainted.

Begin To Live!


Thank you

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