What makes you feel secure ?

Does money, cars, houses cause a secure mindset, can someone feel secure without the worldly possessions.
Telling yourself that creating something negative in search of a positive outcome, can never happen.
You want that better life or better situations, but do nothing to change the current negatives that hold it back.
The most we do is create more bad karma and black clouds over us in an attempt to be more successful.
We are ultimately stopping ourselves from winning, by projecting a negative outlook from the beginning of the situation.
No one gains something by accident, it is by reasoning and willingness to notice your own faults.
If it so happens to drop in your lap, then you must keep it going.

The problem is our idea of the word success, success is NOT getting more money or status, it’s better relationships, conversations, networks, building a better understanding on what YOU are doing wrong in the situation, that has made it so impossible to begin with.Such as expectations and disappointments, these lead us in to a spiral of confusion, that we expect to have different results doing them same things we did to create the negative ones.

Stop wasting time waiting for things to change by themselves, they have not yet, so something must be wrong with YOU!
Acceptance of your own faults is the first step in change, and most people ARE the main reason why it never changes.
Next is learning that you must make mistakes in order to correct them, so do not beat yourself up for doing something wrong, it’s alright,  just move on to the next and learn from the last..
Then what you do is create a positive image of yourself, and everything will follow suit while you’re trying to make life more enticing.
We must stop leaving excuses in place of your reasoning, money and things are nice to have, but you must have self-awareness first, you cannot enjoy anything without finding yourself and implementing new and creative ideas and go at them with a passion of surety.

Being sure of something almost always relates to having a nice banks account or “security blanket” we always have this bad image of being secure, this make us feel inadequate to begin with, rather than empowering us to find out why we do not save money and changing it. Each problem you have is changeable, but you must have a direct approach on changing each and everyone, one at a time!

Unless you want to be overwhelmed with it all and just give up, then say to yourself, WHY! 

And last, stop placing people as the reason for your reactions to situations that you cannot change, accept the situation for what it is and make sure you handle it correctly. Handling a situation badly can have worse consequences and never fixes the problem you want to change. The only thing you have power over is YOUR reaction to anything, anything that makes you feel angry or sad, handle it correctly and keep on moving forward.Your negativity will make that same situation that could have went smoothly, in to a nightmare. You have no power over what happens in life just face it, there is nothing you can do about it but handle it correctly. Be honest with yourself, be brutally honest. But be caring and loving to yourself at the same time, you will notice everything is not as important or frustrating as you once thought. You cannot change anyone else, when you work on yourself, you influence others in doing so also. 

So it is all about YOU… Accept yourself for who you are and what you have been through..

The rest will work itself out!


Thank you

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