New Non-Profit seeking assistance.


Begin To Live is assembling it’s board members for our non profit status, as we need at least three for filing for tax exemption. 

Need a passionate, punctual, creative person that can assist us in getting this organization up to a good start. My vision is to assist and help people who are homeless or hungry with the proper resources available to obtain a better lifestyle. The economy is not what it used to be, so in return most city agencies and subtleties are no longer available for people looking for housing or programs. Our main focus is to find funding sources to help maintain a sustainable healthy work environment to run a full functioning and operating facility for outreach services. We would like to find a christian fellowship that would like to jump on board to host a ministry for people who would like spiritual guidance, however it is not a requirement that they attend services to obtain assistance. We really are just striving to end world hunger and homelessness as a whole. While also assisting people who just want specific options for treatment, such as a clean bed for the night, shower, food, clothing, hair cut or hygiene supplies. This is a long road ahead for us to reach the well oiled machine we would like it to become, but with a lot of hard work and dedication we can make a big difference to people who are suffering from hunger.  So if you’re interested in becoming a board member or just would like find out how you can help feel free to contact us:


Thank you

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