Black Friday Is Mass Manipulation!

I believe that this is manipulation on a MASS scale, You bring the idea of a good DEAL. People are led to believe that you need to run out and take no prisoners or you may never get this deal again. The main idea of products or material devices are far greater than the love for humanity. We place a great deal of love into our “things” when we are faced with losing them it could bring as much sadness as one would have for a loved one. The marketing and advertising misleads the general public, the emotional side of understanding a marketing campaign translates really differently from what it really is, suggestive purchases turn into a forced sale by the means of our own understanding of this emotional sabotage. We tend to rationalize the sale as something we can or could not live without or if you pass up this one time opportunity you might miss out on this once and a lifetime purchase!

We must be aware of this propaganda that only benefits the huge companies that just would like to increase the numbers no matter what has to be done. This also relates to another post called the Perception of Freedom, I had written were the psychologist named Sigmund Freud who manipulated women in the late 1800’s for them to feel that smoking cigarettes would say “i am equal to a man” in the perspective of emotional understandings rather than logical thinking. The cigarettes are deadly and create so many health problems but were made to think we could benefit from them to feel accepted by men. When in all reality it will only have them share a hospital bed in the long run. Silly marketing..


Thank you

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