Intregity Through and Through: Homeless or not

Homeless Whispers and Struggles

This article from the Huffington Post gives 5 examples of people like Glen James [pictured above], who despite being down on their luck went above and beyond to become exemplars of human integrity. I thought their stories were worth sharing:

#1) Glen James: In Septemeber Glen found a bag filled with a passport and $2,400 in cash, along with nearly $40,000 in traveler’s check – but, he didn’t hesitate to turn it in without any expectation of reward. He did so in his time of need, and since then [and notably, because of his act of generosity] he has encountered an tremendous amount of support. The police honored James with a special citation and a complete stanger launched a fundrasing campaign that has raised more than $150,000 for James.

How many of us have found money on the ground and just pocketed it? Probably a majority, but it is people…

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