Can Anxiety Be Real ?

anxiety1Many of people such as myself suffer from GAD or “General Anxiety Disorder“.

I would like to believe that the idea of anxiety could be the fact that i had to be strong all my life and it just got the best of me eventually.
I would stay up at night thinking about death and when it would be my time to go.
I woke up having chest pains, couldn’t breathe, extremely dizzy and felt a pressure in my neck and head like it was going to explode.
The feeling of hopelessness that surrounds you when you cannot control your fear is completely unbearable at times.

I could not understand why i was in the ER every night for the first year of my disorder or why i had to undergo so many tests just to find out my mind was playing tricks on me.The symptoms from anxiety disorder seem to be endless since the list goes on for days.

I have learned about the disorder from being a big hypochondriac and searching my symptoms and the reasons for them. The real way to find out why you have this disorder you have to back track a bit and learn what made the most impacts on your life.

There is life after anxiety, your mind cannot control you if you know what to do about it… Don’t let it control you anymore!

I have gotten GERD Gastroesophageal reflux disease and IBS Irritable bowel syndrome all from GAD.

To find out more information on GAD and how to get help .


Thank you

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