Electronics might be disconnecting us.


I have noticed a large amount of people who walk past our homeless without a care in the world, without a second thought.

We have become disconnected from each other to where we don’t even think about someone else in need when we are in need, Even though our needs might not be as important as getting something to eat and a warm bed to sleep in, our priorities are lost.  

Our main concern is to get more and more until we are tired of our belonging and decide lets throw all of this food and toys in the trash. 

We happen to take things for granted often while not even glancing at the floor where a mom lays in the street with her kids asking for a warm dinner or a clean bed. But we constantly complain that our world is so bad, the crime is horrible and people are very angry with each other.

Media has made us hateful towards ourselves, even our children are acting out movie roles without even being in front of a camera. It becomes second nature for the child to follow all he is taught in his living room from the box with moving pictures.

Most kids lay in front of the TV everyday watching shows and imitating what they have seen to the point that they become addicted to it. Whatever is on TV is who they become in life as they grow older, their wants, opinions, outlooks, and desires. The mindset is shaped upon a very young age and this demographic is mostly reached from TV shows or music videos or news. We are disconnecting ourselves with electronics on a personal level, on a one on one loving caring level. 

Phones are suppose to be for communication, but i see a different picture going on here, people are not getting that human contact that we were designed to have. 

We are stuck to our phones, tablets and computers,

A great article i read: Disconnect from technology, Reconnect with reality.




Thank you

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