Imagine yourself…….


We have all done it and are just as guilty as the next person, unless you have been there.

Someone might never know what it feels like to have to scrounge through trash for your next meal, or have to walk around barefoot through a cold and dirty city.

Laying in the freezing cold for days on end just trying to stay warm and fighting addiction to a substance that creates a mindset that “The Fix” is more important than eating or finding a job.

Some get a job and do not keep it some keep it and kill themselves with all the extra money.

The cycle must be broken!! We can all come together as a people and fight for these people who need us so desperately.

Stand away from your issues for five minutes, look at someone who has nothing but dirty rags and a city block to lay down on when we pass by with our hot dinners and new clothes.

One hand can start a movement, and the movement can start a reaction on this world no one has seen. Please find it in your heart to email me and find out how you can help me, help others. I cannot do it alone i need your help. PLEASE LETS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!



One thought on “Imagine yourself…….

Thank you

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