Giving Back

Barely Quarter Life

Yesterday, a group of students at my school and I rallied together to produce and prepare over 250 lunch bags and over 350 sandwiches for those in need, particularly those who live on the Downtown East Side in Vancouver.




I don’t have pictures of us distributing the lunch bags for reasons, like the fact that we were on the downtown east side territory so we had to keep our devices locked away. It was a great experience, not only because of the group I was with, but also it was nice to give back. It was also scary, I admit. I was pretty fucking terrified going there, for reasons.

Afterwards, we celebrated and ended up playing beer pong on campus. This is Uni life in 2014.



Let’s all try to give back a little more because while we’re always complaining about not having nearly enough and always needing more, there…

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