United We Stand Divided We Fall….

race-warsWe as people have developed a outstanding hatred towards things we do not or choose not to understand.

Anyone can create a fantasy world for anyone to follow and implement it so that it benefits the opposing sides agenda.

We must awake from the dream that the way we live is how “it is supposed to be ” mentality, we fall to far in to what mainstream media depicts as a important story.

We have been manipulated to separate love for one another, by only reporting race and religious wars, so we lose ourselves in the news and online articles, never to see the reality of the subjective content we are subjected to.

Do you notice that everything that we think is new news can be very old information, most of this kind of stuff happens everyday, murders, robbing, assaults, hate crimes, etc. It becomes a hard place to live when everyone is fighting each other and dividing whatever peace and harmony we can have.

Our leaders are allowing this kind of content disease our children’s minds, from: movies, music, media, online videos,  a man will be quick to look at porn and idolize sex but than scold his daughter when she falls in to that industry. Or a mother who likes to “twerk” in front of her daughters while at a party. We do not understand the part WE play in the process of how this world has changed.

The process of the new world will be to desensitize the human population to where we are misdirected in to a whole different type of lifestyle.

Just the idea that an organic bag of apples are 15 bucks, but a McDonald cheeseburger loaded with ammonia and other chemicals in the patties  sell for a buck. A salad is 7-10 dollars, a candy bar is a buck. Our TV is fooling us into a false sense of a rich lifestyle, we become so dependent in making our lives better financially, we forget the important things that help us as people. As humanity declines and money and power rise, it becomes a ruthless and violent community because the money is controlled in people with better living conditions. While in the ghetto they up burger shops and liquar shops on EVERY corner.

Please people WAKE UP, LETS MAKE A CHANGE!!!!

or die trying!!!


Thank you

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